Just Received iTunes Approval!

You heard that right, folks! I just received an email from iTunes today, telling me that Supernatural Science will now be listed amongst some of the greatest podcasts in the history of the Internet in the iTunes Store!

iTunes will be just one place that you will be able to subscribe to us. As mentioned before, you can download episodes on SoundCloud, Spreaker, Podcast Garden, and in the Stitcher Radio mobile app. You can also find us on the DoubleTwist¬†Android app. We’ve also submitted the podcast to the popular radio app TuneIn¬†and, after five episodes, we will be submitting the show to iHeartRadio as well.

With so many places to download, why wait to get in on the fun? Go to the one of the above mentioned Web sites and download today! Also, don’t forget to fill out our audience survey at Podtrac!