Supernatural Science on TWiT: October 11, 2014

Update: I was unable to make my appearance on the Giz Fiz show. I will attempt to be the guest next Saturday at the same time. Be sure to stop by TWiT Live and see me!

So this is it. My firs ever post on the brand new Supernatural Science blog. Where do I begin? Perhaps the best way is to let you know where I’m going to be this coming Saturday evening around 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time. I’m going to be a guest of the one and only Dick DeBartolo (who, if you don’t know, is a writer for one of my favorite childhood magazines, MAD, and he was also a writer on the original Match Game) on the TWiT Netcast Network!

That’s right! I’m going to be the GizFiz “Chatroom Celebrity of the Week”. I was originally supposed to appear on the program back in September but, unfortunately, schedule changes at the network prevented it. Fortunately, Leo Laporte (the Chief TWiT) is back from his trip to London and all the shows are back to their regular schedules. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, since Padre’s Corner will actually be pre-recorded this week.

So what do I plan to talk about on GizFiz this Saturday? Hmm … haven’t really given it much thought. I do plan to show off a few of the USB retro videogame controllers I have sitting around the office, I know that for sure. Other than that, I plan on talking about the upcoming podcast and letting you guys in on just some of the topics I plan to cover in this, the “first season” of Supernatural Science.

Be sure to tune in on October 11 at 5 PM Eastern, live at!